Operations & Maintenance

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Comprehensive PV System Inspections

  • Staff of multiple Electrical and Mechanical Engineers engaged in all O&M activities
  • Technically skilled personnel inspect, identify and implement action plans for both preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Mechanically inspect all BOS equipment for failures or non-conformance issues
  • Inspect modules and racking to identify any failures or damages
  • Inspect site for vegetation, pest or erosion issues
  • Comprehensive report with photos and prioritized list of non-conformance items

PV System Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of PV system, inverter and combiner level performance
  • Substantial experience managing portfolios with multiple monitoring solutions
  • Real-time inverter graphing from monitoring to identify outages or issues often prior to monitoring alerts being generate
  • Alert recognition, analysis and action plans to minimize false alarms
  • Gatekeeper role to maximize production and system ROI while minimizing O&M expenditures
  • Highly qualified engineers to analyze alerts/alarms/faults
  • Detailed understanding of both PV and inverter operations
  • Comprehensive processing of complex inverter and performance data to determine root cause of production issues
Performance Analysis

System Performance Analysis & Reporting

  • Engineering-grade analytics; identify performance variation via inverter/combiner/string comparative analytics
  • Analysis of system/inverter performance against weather adjusted performance metrics
  • Document known production loss issues, identify underperformance issues and provide actionable plans to investigate and resolve issues
  • Variety of reporting frequencies from daily/monthly/annually
  • Monthly PPA Invoicing and Meter Audit/Verification Available

Preventative Maintenance

  • Ensure equipment reliability and validity of manufacturer warranty
  • Perform manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance on all equipment ensuring both equipment reliability and validity of manufacturer warranty
  • Central and String Inverters
  • Combiners/Recombiners
  • Transformers/Switchgear
  • DAS/ Monitoring Equipment

Electrical Testing and Servicing

  • IV Curve Tracing & Analysis
  • String Level Open Circuit and Operating Current Verification
  • Identification of issues, production impact and corrective action plans
  • Over 500MW of IV Curve Tracing experience with engineering quality analysis

Thermal Imaging

  • Thermal scans of PV equipment including all field terminations
  • Non-contact verification of adequate torque
  • Staff of Certified Level 1 Thermographers

Warranty Enforcement

  • Make and coordinate claims under available warranties from manufacturers or installers
  • Maintain relationships with manufacturers to enable timely reconciliation of equipment failures
  • Focused on restoring production and minimizing losses

Maintenance Logs & Service Tickets

  • Maintain historical data, performance history and logs of service/repair tickets
  • Identify trends and provide corrective action prior to catastrophic failures
  • Historical analysis of equipment issues and failures provides insight into future equipment selection and O&M staffing requirements