Engineering Consultant

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QE Solar’s PV engineering services begin with high quality planning, preparation and technical assessments. From early stage project planning/development, feasibility studies and site shading analysis to sophisticated PV engineering, performance modeling and solar facility design/implementation, we enter PV projects at the earliest stages. We also regularly support owners looking to purchase or sell their solar assets by offering an independent evaluation and comprehensive appraisal of the system or portfolio.

With a practical, hands-on engineering approach, our team is focused on maximizing system power while utilizing the most economical and robust design solutions. From the first wire pulled to the last inverter commissioned to latter state asset sales or appraisals, QE Solar engineers are there every step of the way … assuring your project is designed, built, tested and assessed the right way.


General PV System Consulting

  • Design
  • Operations
  • Analytics & Optimization

Project Development

  • PV feasibility consulting
  • Shade analysis and site assessment
  • Procure and assess optimal solar technology


  • PV design and planning
  • Value Engineering & PV System Analysis
  • Review of As-Built drawings and compliance
  • Independent Appraisal and IE Review
  • PV system asset purchase or sale support
  • Performance modeling and system predictive analysis