Commissioning & CM Services

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Commissioning Services

QE Solar provides full system performance audits at any stage in the life of your PV system: initial/periodic commissioning, general system check-ups, third party performance verifications, system valuation assessments and various other customer requests. QE Solar professionals will conduct a comprehensive system analysis using both real time and historical system data to determine the strength, efficiency and integrity of your PV system. QE Solar Audit services include:

  • Testing & verification of system installation
  • Comprehensive IV curve trace testing and analysis
  • Thermal image testing and analysis
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Performance reporting and historical analysis
  • Identification of system faults, weaknesses, and/or degradation rates
  • Assessment of system operation and level of optimization necessary
  • Workmanship, code compliance, punchlist generation/verifications
  • Detailed audit reports including findings, recommendations and action items
  • PV System Commissioning

Construction Management Services

QE Solar’s construction management (CM) services provide our clients with a wide variety of options to assure their projects are built in accordance with all design parameters and construction protocols as well as in compliance with the industry’s best practices.

  • Construction/Project management
  • Owner’s agent or representative services
  • QA/QC management and implementation
  • Testing oversight, compliance and verification
  • Design and installation verification
  • Review of As-Built drawings and compliance
  • System monitoring and data-logger installation
  • Safety analysis, implementation and enforcement